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Aptter is an internal collaboration platform.
It helps teams achieve shared goals by improving
communication, interaction and knowledge sharing.

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Do you know what others know?

Knowledge is produced everyday and most of the times stays in people’s heads.

Unshared knowledge results in lack of information for answering common business matters, or even worse, in lack of meeting customers’ needs.

Aptter gives people access to knowledge and expertise across the company so that relevant information is always available.

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Do you know what others do?

Not knowing what your teammates are doing, affects your workday for sure. Interaction is all about doing something after something else has happened.

Are you informed on time over your teammates’ actions in order to act further?

Aptter is built in order to make people interact better with each other and bring results.

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Are you on the same page?

Communication tends to get harder into email threads, after task assignment or after gathering too much information on various subjects.

Aptter provides the internal tools to synchronize all team members into the right channel.

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How do you organize information?

Information has no meaning at all if it can’t be found easily and can’t be managed in such ways to fit business needs.

Aptter has all the right tools to search, find, categorize and manage all relevant information, providing useful customization features to help you stay organized.

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