Modern users manifesto and business software

It is 1990, just imagine a user in front of his PC in his office.

It is the era during which business software makes a dynamic entrance in small and medium businesses.

Costs are almost prohibited. Covering of needs is constrained by the “tight” architecture and the absence of tools in the hands of developers. (in terms of today).

Business needs are starting to grow and so is the need for new technologies in business software. Brand new tools are bouncing and these are the same ones that determine those new business needs.

During the times above, conversations for design and implementation were limited among IT managers, business owners and developers. Something important was left out of this framework. Something that all those years was adding data to the databases. The USERS. Who at that time were almost bewitched by terms like: Data Security, ERP, Business Intelligence, Accounting Systems.

Proud to be users of such kind of “new software”, speaking with friends and family that the company they are working is fully equipped with HYPER Systems.

Nobody at that time spoke about hardness to use or lack of productive software environment! UI? What is this? Who cares.

Until INTERNET arrived and changed the way users are thinking. Awesome websites were true and new design technologies appeared. When social media arrived it was the time of revenge!

Suddenly, praised business software was boring, hard to use, non productive, ugly! Finally!

New applications entered our everyday life in such ways that today’s user considers that every business software that has to do with his productivity in work must be redesigned!

Young people enter businesses. They are the children of the internet. They just are. And they bring fresh air to businesses across the globe.

Business Software vendors owe to hear these voices and smell that fresh air.

Maybe this could be modern users’ manifesto:

  • We demand well designed business software in order to be productive.
  • We want to feel at ease and confident when at work.
  • We don’t need a screen full of buttons and ugly elements.
  • We want to be pleased with what we see and work on for at least 8 hours a day.
  • We want open channels of communication with our colleagues.
  • We need to feel a true member of a team.

Make our living easy, don’t waste our time and we will give back what is most valuable for business, which is pleased customers!

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