Mental health is key to boost productivity in working environments

What is productivity? How is it measured?

You could spend years studying sciences like physics, engineering, economics to answer these two simple questions.

What would be the answer of small business owners?

They probably measure that in terms of money earned, customer satisfaction and various indicators indicating logical things. How much work was done, how much did it cost, how much time was needed to be done?

Let’s say you are an employee producing for example twenty items of a product or 100 lines of code in an hour. This procedure will cost some money. But why not produce twenty two items or 110 lines of code with the same costs? Which are the tools that will make you more productive? Or it doesn’t have to do with tools? You could say it has to do with experience and you would be right. Trying to answer these questions a new question arises. What if someone produced more with fewer tools? What could make him more “productive”?

Does it have to do with mental health, maybe?

Technology can certainly make us better but it is in doubt whether it can make us happier. What can make us happier is the fulfillment of basic mental needs. Creation, participation and identity are some of them.

Use technology to promote these values and you will almost certainly watch employees flourish in the field.

Think about it as real democracy in working environments.

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