How Collaboration Tools can give competitive advantage during a sale

Within current situation in global economy it is more important than ever for sales teams to have the right tools and information in their hands.

Whether you are trying to sell an airplane or a pencil to a potential customer the main procedure stays the same.

Firstly you have to have a target group to give them solutions to problems. Then you must generate leads from this group. Afterwards you have to find out what the role of every contact who takes part in the procedure is. Manipulate them in the best way; present them solutions to meet their needs; have the competitive advantage and you are just a step from closing the deal! (Note that price is not mentioned)

What is important in every sales procedure analysis is to be completely sure that the procedure drives the sale. Implementing a sales software solution (CRM) can help us achieve this. The software chosen must be open to this philosophy. Modern sales tactics require changeable procedures until we find the right one. Imagine you had to change CRM each time you did this!

Chosen CRM solution owes to help sales people reach their target by managing information generated from those procedures the right way. It must help them doing the traditional cold calling, managing referrals, get results from email campaigns, quantify market knowledge and use contacts inside the specific market properly.

An important part of the procedure (we would say the most important) is giving real solution to our prospects’ needs. During this stage we may have to ask our colleagues questions about specific needs the client demonstrated. Information gathered is crucial in order to give us the desirable competitive advantage. Imagine your CRM gave you the ability to gather this “social” information into it by sharing your prospects’ needs and get answers from your colleagues.

Now imagine giving your prospect the right to be part of this. Does this happen to be already a competitive advantage? You can ask him.

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