Advantages of a business social network for your team

Ask any business owner. Every business in this planet wants to be successful. What is success? We could easily agree that success comes out of one’s ability to win new customers, offer them the best solution, make them happy, retain them and eventually make them loyal. Each one of the steps above has common characteristics with another. It is called information. Actually, it is called information available.

Every single person in our team wants to be properly informed and to feel sure about the information provided. We should allow information to move freely within business to make him feel so. An open work environment drives him to make better decisions, feel more connected with others, saves him time and therefore makes him more productive.

We are not talking about emails and document sharing here. We are talking about making a person feel engaged with his job and people feel true members of a team. Knowledge sharing from the top to the bottom of the ladder.

Usage of a social network for your business could give answers to what stated above. Free flow of information, real knowledge sharing and expertise flourishment will eventually drive to success. This time success will be a natural outcome of real teamwork.

Creating such a social network for your business doesn’t mean you have to be social all the time. Most of them also support the need of privacy. A public discussion is a good place for everybody to be heard but you should also have the option for a private conversation. Many of them also support the ability to bring external users on board. Imagine it as a B2B for your partners, vendors, suppliers etc. in order to increase connectivity and collaboration.

Finally, we believe that usage of this kind of tools does not have to do with company size. Information flow is as critical for a startup as it is for a big organization. In both cases information is moving and people are trying to get their job done! Let’s make it easier.

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