Is CRM the only tool to bring success and revenues?

No, it is not!

It can be, but first you must realize your company’s culture.

We have seen countless cases around the globe where such systems caused nothing more than difficulties. Like any tool it can do what it is developed for but it could also be useless. Reasons? We could point out more than a dozen but this article focus on Business Culture!

I would bet it could be #1 reason but I don’t like bets!

Culture is your company’s state of mind. A company is a minded organism. You don’t have to be a multinational or a multimillion company to have a culture. Maybe they do not have either!

Firstly: Communicate that state of mind to your employees (or to you in front of a mirror) and get them onboard to achieve things for your common good. Make them understand that business is all about the customer. If we have happy customers we could be happy too. If we have information about a customer then we can make him happy. Actually, the more you have, the happier you can make him.

Communicate to them the need to become social during working hours too! What they say during a call or what they do during a project will not help their work and your business unless social. Number out the advantages of sharing knowledge and expertise. They probably use social networks during the day.

Team working is the key. When being member of a team we must be aware of how our teammates move in the field.

Next step: Provide them with productivity tools. Find tools which are easy to use and easy to learn. CRM is one of these. Try to find a platform with potential. It is not just CRM. Contact Management, Task Management and Project Management make a company competitive nowadays. So does Communication across people working on such tools.

Don’t wait until a competitor starts winning customers out there. Equip your business with internal communication platforms. Be sure that you are aware of your equipment’s value. Communicate it to your employees and fire your arms.

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