If only your company knew what your company knows!


You could say it is one of those meanings that brought humanity to is current state. If it was not for knowledge and one of its basic characteristics of being shared maybe we would be still eating bananas on a tree.

Knowledge means mastering what i am doing. Understand things occurring around me. You can name it. Knowledge has such a broad meaning that there is no clear definition for it.

Now, try to explain how this meaning exists into business environments. Knowledge is everywhere inside a vital organization who is moving day to day, year to year. It is hidden in meetings, in documents, in calls, emails, even in ordinary chat among people.

How do you promote an environment in which generated knowledge is being shared? People tend to keep it for themselves because they think it’s their property. Once gone, knowledge is gone too. Cultivating a culture that promotes discovery, innovation and incentives around knowledge sharing is a very crucial first step towards this direction.

Businesses should clearly define the importance of knowledge sharing among people working together through demonstrating how this can lead to competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Besides culture, technology can promote such employee behavior by giving them access to knowledge databases where knowledge can be easily shared and reused.

How many times have you realized there is not enough information around a subject to help you get work done? Imagine how it would be like working with people helping you without searching for them…imagine how you could help your team by providing “secret” knowledge to them. Now imagine a company working like this.

Is there any chance of not being able to set apart from your competition by doing this?

Looking forward to hear how you define knowledge into your business!

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