knowledge birds

If only your company knew what your company knows!

Knowledge… You could say it is one of those meanings that brought humanity to is current state. If it was not for knowledge and one of its basic characteristics of being shared maybe we would be still eating bananas on a tree. Knowledge means mastering what i am doing. Understand things occurring around me. You […]

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business social network

Advantages of a business social network for your team

Ask any business owner. Every business in this planet wants to be successful. What is success? We could easily agree that success comes out of one’s ability to win new customers, offer them the best solution, make them happy, retain them and eventually make them loyal. Each one of the steps above has common characteristics […]

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Is CRM the only tool to bring success and revenues?

No, it is not! It can be, but first you must realize your company’s culture. We have seen countless cases around the globe where such systems caused nothing more than difficulties. Like any tool it can do what it is developed for but it could also be useless. Reasons? We could point out more than […]

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