Be an open, responsive organisation

that works together as one

Contribute to a smart team.

Share updates with the right audience more quickly and find answers to your Questions faster. Share a Post containing images, links and documents and let people make comments. Favorite posts to store critical information and follow to get updates.

Spread knowledge and categorize information using Hashtags in posts or Tags in every object. Popular tags indicate what the current trends are between your colleagues. Search and manage tags on a single page.

Get work done asking for help from the right people. User Profiles provide employees with rapid access to skills and expertise.

Stay synced with teammates’ actions.

Follow objects to get real time Notifications for updates. View all Team’s activity so that you are fully aware about actions.

Manage yours and your teammates’ Tasks. Assign, add comments and documents into tasks and see all activity history. Keep privacy with private tasks or let people know what you are working on.

Work with Aptter’s Projects to keep people on the same page. Manage tasks, time, money and related documents. View progress and activity history.

Upload and collaborate over Documents. Manage document versions and integrate with your Dropbox account or use storage provided.

Forget your email inbox.

Use internal Chat feature for real time collaboration. See who is online or leave a message containing images or documents.

Invite teammates and external contacts to participate in Discussions where new ideas can be heard.

Use Aptter’s discussions for new idea generation, to analyze client’s requirements, for product development & improvement, for customer service and support or for meeting notes…(you name it).

Start a public or private discussion and invite teammates to participate. Add posts containing images, documents and let participants comment. Add Tasks out of Posts and assign them to participants.

Organize your workday.

Design your own Custom Views on every object combining a set of smart and standard filters. Add your own Types of Tasks in order to customize Aptter to fit your business.

Manage workday easier using Aptter’s Calendar. Add and diplay tasks and events on the same page. Set a number of private or public calendars by combining filters and using custom views.

Search for everything in Aptter from a clever Search Box. From contacts, projects and documents to discussion notes, tags, events and tasks.

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